Birch Hill Investment Advisors was founded in Boston in 2007 by Gary Mikula, Miner Crary, Rob O’Neil and Tom Reilly.

The four investment professionals had worked together for years, providing investment and wealth management services to a host of individual and institutional clients.

When they felt the time was right to open an independent investment advisory and wealth management practice of their own, their intent was to create a company with their own unique imprint:

  • That allowed them to put their extensive experience to work for the benefit of their clients
  • That gave clients the chance to work directly with the principals of the firm
  • That offered a distinct – and distinctive – investment management style
  • That enabled them to deliver value in a way they felt truly passionate about
  • Whose guiding principles would be theirs and whose culture they would help shape and nourish

More than a decade later, the founders continue to be inspired by the loyalty of the many clients Birch Hill serves today and the confidence they have in the firm.


At Birch Hill we have a set of core values that direct the activities of the company. We are:


Successfully investing our clients’ assets in order to meet their personal goals is our primary passion.


We act in our clients’ best interests and are dedicated to the highest ethical standards.

Intellectually Curious

We continuously seek personal and professional development and constantly ask “why?”


We initiate action in an effort to help our clients meet their goals.

Problem solvers

We enjoy the satisfaction of solving our clients’ problems.

Our Name

Birch Hill is named after a small piece of New England owned by one of our long-time client families.

To us, the name represents the values, dedication, skill and work ethic embraced by that family and by so many of our clients, who serve as role models for all of us.

We think the name is appropriate because we know that a hillside covered with birches is a relatively rare occurrence in nature – an environment conducive to growth that also offers the natural protection of elevated ground.

Our Name

Giving Back

Birch Hill and its Principals have a tradition of supporting community-based charities that benefit people of need in Greater Boston and other cities and towns throughout New England. In recent years, we have made contributions to the following organizations:

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Victim Rights Law Center